Thursday, October 6, 2011

Little Victories and Black Eyes

There are little things I do all the time that I would've been too hesitant to do before losing weight.  Sometimes I realize while I'm deciding to do something I haven't done in a while.  Sometimes it's a happy surprise right while I'm in the midst of it.  And other times, I don't realize until afterwards.  Whichever it is, it's always satisfying.  Pushing yourself is rewarding.  You simply must try it.  

"Like what?" you might ask...

Well, Sunday afternoon it was playing on the playset in my parents' back yard like I was five years old again with my five year old cousin.  Up, down, all around.  In the fort, out of the fort.  On the swing, off the swing.  

And...  I got to introduce my little cousin to swinging upside-down.  That adorable little goober will never look at a swing set the same way again.  

I would have been way too timid to do it before.  But now?  What-ev.  It’s not that I was too scared to be upside-down, I just felt less in-control of my body and what might happen.  There was a whole lot of me to handle!  I have so much less self doubt, and so more much physical freedom.  

My little cousin and I ended up swinging, feet up in the air, so that each time we'd swing back, we were facing each other.  So, I said, "Helloooooo, sir!"  And then it went a bit like this...

Me: "Helloooooo, sirrr!"
Him: "Hellooo!"
Me:  "Mighty fine day we're having, yes?"
Him:  "Yes! Are you having a good day?"
Me:  "Yes, indeeeed!"
Him:  "Me, tooo!"
Me:  "Perfect day for swinging upside-down don't you think?"
Him:  "Yes!  Helloooooooo!"

It.  Was.  GREAT!!!  Oh, man, do I ever love kids.  And upside down silliness.  

In all my grand, childish bliss, I did manage to forget how all the blood rushing to my face for - ehhhh, quite a while, could result in blackish eyes and a handful of small blood vessels breaking in my face.  Oh well - well-earned battle scars from my latest little victory!


  1. Earned battle scars! Well done, lady!

  2. awww...this is awesome and cute haha...keep up the inspire me to keep up my will to fight for a better body

  3. New follower here! I found you on Pinterest. Go, girl!

  4. Hey, hey, hey! Thanks, Chubby McGee! haha. Cute name. Get as involved as you like, and feel free to comment all you like. Hearing from and getting to know people through this makes me happier than anything!