Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I. Love. Clothes.

Shopping in Chicago before Christmas, 2004.
I really do love clothes.  Even during my during my misguided phases of poor clothing choices, my love of shopping and clothing has remained steadfast.  I’ve joked many a time in the past that maybe I was meant to be overweight, because if I were skinny, I’d be in serious shopping trouble.  Funnily enough, losing weight has curbed my shopping appetite.  Somewhat.  

Actually, after typing that last sentence, I came to a bit of a realization.  It would seem that my shopping habits have changed quite similarly to my eating habits.  I don’t need to buy whatever I can because it’s all that’s available to me.  Now, I have more options.  Better options! 

I assumed, pre-weightloss, that I’d go hog wild with all the clothing that would be available to me.  Turns out, just the opposite is true.  I think I shopped before with a kind of frenzy, thinking, “I’ve got to get this, because what else can I get?!?!”  Now if I see something I like, that urgency has dissipated greatly because it’s so much easier to find even more things I like. 

The ability to be choosey is much more satisfying than buying a bunch of things simply because I can.

If I could splurge, though, I would.   I’m going to visit my brothers in Chicago this weekend, and you bet your bum I’ll be doing some shopping!  I love the Forever 21 plus size line, so I visit the website often, then hit up the store when I’m in Chicago.  Especially at the rate I shrink out of things these days, I love how trendy-but-non-committal Forever 21 allows me to be.  I won’t be broken-hearted if I spend under $20 on something cool that just lasts me this winter.  I’m pretty fickle when it comes to clothes anyway.  The likelihood of me wearing something a few years in a row is pretty slim.

Here’s a bit of a Pinterest wishlist for this fall, and down below are a few of my favorites from ASOS Curve right now.  What are some of your must-have fall items?  Are you a scarf and jacket addict like me, or what floats your boat?  Comment!  And if you’ve got something awesome to share, you’d better have a link so the rest of us can gawk, too.



  1. I really need new bras and undies, but I would like to buy knee-high boots and a pair of black, patterned nylons that won't fall apart and a pair of colorful tights that will hold as well. I'm also in the market for new flats. Care to join me in my endeavors?

  2. Love you Sarah and SUPER love your blog!

  3. I know I want to go to Max 10 while I'm up there weekend after next- we should all go and Jeff can stay behind and read or play his guitar or something haha ;-)

  4. You know I would, Ms. O! I'll have to start researching decent tights... Let's do it.

    THANKS, Amanda! Ditto, and thanks so much for reading. Makes me happy. :)

    It's a DATE, April! I've gotta work the 29th after 3, but you know I'm always up for shopping. Hee hee. Cant't wait to see you guys.

  5. Wow, you've really got me very curious about you. I'm going to have to dig deeper into your blog and see what I can find. Asos is one of my favorites as is Zara. Congratulations on the weight loss. Hopefully, I can make the same claim soon.

  6. LOVE Zara! They've just launched it here. I've got to visit when I'm in Chicago this weekend. I used to walk through there daydreaming about being able to wear their clothes... Who knows - maybe now I can find something! Thanks for the kind words, and yes ma'am, you can do it, too.