Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Preparation...

I am excited!  I love Thanksgiving.  I've been given the duty of picking out some pretty flowers for my family's centerpiece, which is wonderful because I love getting my Mom flowers.  I've also got a self-imposed last-minute duty of attempting a light, yummy, Thanksgivingy dish.  I am a prolific procrastinator, so I will be braving the aisles of some alarmingly busy grocery store this evening to buy ingredients to prepare...  Something.  The Mom suggested a salad, so I'm thinking about a fall salad with mixed greens, flaked smoked salmon, apples, dried cranberries, some good cheese and maybe some nuts.  We'll see.

I thought about getting a spice cake mix and mixing it with soda and pumpkin pie mix, but I have no idea how it'd turn out.  It just sounds good...  Maybe I'll go all experimental on everybody.  We'll see.  I think I'm going to save all of my dessert experimentation for Christmas!

In preparation for my day of mild food extravagance, though, I've decided to work out first thing in the morning.  This is partly because I need to in general, and partly because I want to burn off a bit of what I'll be eating later!  I can't eat as much as I used to, so I've come up with a bit of a game plan.

I'm going to grab about a soup-spoonful of all the things I'd like to eat.  I figure, if I get a wee bit of it all, I'll be stuffed, not having gone over the top, but also getting to taste it all!  That way I won't feel like tiny, orange men are about roll me away, but will be mighty content.

Byyy the way...

If you're a record fiend like I am, be SURE to visit your local record shops this Friday for Black Friday!  So many albums are being released - both new, and reissued classics, and I'm sure there will be some great sales around here on used stuff.  I can't wait.  AND!  Make sure to support local business on Small Business Saturday!  I'll partake in the madness at all the big stores, too, I'm sure.

I hope you all have a tremendous Thanksgiving!


  1. Hey Sarah! I think you have a great strategy for Thanksgiving! I'm actually making a salad for my family's gathering that has spring mix, toasted pecans, chopped pear, and grilled red onion with a homemade balsamic dressing- it's so good!

    My own personal strategy is to not eat things I could care less about- for instance I don't care for stuffing that much but I do enjoy my mom's cheesy potatoes so I'll have a small scoop of those but pass on the stuffing. And I made myself some low-carb brownies too that turned out pretty well! With healthy eating you have to experiment haha. Check out Hungry Girl's blog too for some great recipes! See you soon :-D

  2. Awww, let us know what you end up with for a salad! I know what you mean about being rolled away by the oompah loompahs. I hate feeling like that. It's so uncomfortable. My eyes are so much bigger than my stomach sometimes. Glad to be getting much better at it now.

  3. Mannnnnnnn, I didn't even take that much - and about 20 minutes after I ate, I wanted to die! I'm laying here on the floor in front of the fireplace just thinking, "Come onnnnn, stomaaaacchhh - you can do it! Just digest! I'm gonna diiiiieeeee..." Seriously, it didn't look like much! I was so pleased. Good news is I doubt I'll have the urge to eat until tomorrow. lol.

    PS Symbiotic - the sandwich in your blog sounded sublime. Hope your Thanksgiving abroad was a pleasant day. I've had a few lovely Thanksgivings over there! Will have to tell you all about them another time.

  4. And Aprillllll, can't wait to see you this weekend. I have checked out Hungry Girl, and two fat chicks are great, too!