Tuesday, November 8, 2011

81 Pounds Get The Boot.

81 pounds!  HA!  

Good God, y’all.  What is it good for?  Aaaaabsolutely –

Well, it’s good for a reason to treat yourself to a sweet new jacket and some rockin’ ankle boots.  That’s what.   I weighed myself this morning and was thrilled to see that I’d lost 5.3 pounds and had moved into the 80’s.  1981, if you will - the year I was born.  There's got to be some double-rainbow-mind-bending significance to that...  

Or not.  

These last couple weeks have been interesting.  I don’t know why, but my body has changed a lot over the last couple of weeks, and it’s been really, really strange for me to try and wrap my mind around some of the things this has stirred up.  The more weight I lose, I am constantly surprised by the ways it affects me, both physically and mentally.  The mind grows, the body gets...  Ehhhhhh, weirder, apparently.  It would seem my body is getting better in some ways, and just plain odd in others.  We'll discuss the weirdness later this week.  It’s not all roses lately, so I've had to keep reminding myself that this is a very good thing.  

We've got a lot to talk about.

But for now, you might be wondering, "Well, Sarah, last time you had sushi to celebrate hitting 70 pounds.  How about this time?!"  

did have salmon again, but the real celebration came in the form of suede, pleather, and a pleasing view of myself in the mirror.  My feet have finally decided to take part in this whole weight loss thing!  Some ladies are blessed and have lovely little feet and ankles, despite the rest of them not being quite so little.  Not I!

But, that has changed, and I have a rockin' pair of ankle boots to prove it.  I may or may not have also purchased a new pleather jacket at TJ Maxx.  (That, of course, means yes - yes, I did.)  Not only are my new ankle boots just plain awesome, they also happen to be deceptively comfortable.  Huzzah!!!

In honor of having lost 81 pounds, here are some photos of me basking in a brazen, wonderfully vain moment hearing Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak" in my mind while checking myself out in my new goodies.  

Pleather jacket - can't find brand!  TJ Maxx - $29.99
Zigisoho black ankle boot wedges - $40 at DSW


  1. Lookin' good Sarah! :)

  2. I have the perfect link to place in the comments sections! LOL, but I won't. We have different tastes in shoes for sure, but you look fabulous! Way to go, lady!

  3. Congrats Lady!!! Youre doing great!

  4. You look awesome! How do you do it? Would you mind telling us what you eat and how much you excercise? Or is there a previous post I could read? I'd love to lose weight like you!! Keep up the good work!

  5. Just came across your blog today and am so excited I did! You are so inspiring! I love the "10lbs" at a time goal you have. Its short and sweet, yet not too easy. Im excited to keep following your story! I am starting my weight loss journey as of today and was totally in need of some inspiration like your blog. Thanks for being so transparent and real about your loss, struggles and adding pics!!

  6. Right on, Gretch-a-Sketch! Haha. I love that. You will do it, I'm sure! It really is attainable, you just have to go for it. And once you do, well, it really isn't so bad. It's pretty darn great. Habits change, etc. I'm hoping to somehow link a page up to this, or get more of you on my facebook page (facebook.com/sarahsfashionablylate) posting and sharing how you all are doing, too. Feel free to share! I love it!

    And youuu, Anonymous, have absolutely inspired my latest blog I'm about to put up. Thanks for reminding me I haven't done that yet!

  7. You are looking BRILLIANT!!
    Well done on the continued losses - ya loser :-)

    Keep up the great work.

    Karen x x

  8. Just found your blog and it is very inspiring. I have now read through practically every post :) In this post, you mention the "weird" aspects of your weight loss and that you were going to discuss that later, but I wasn't able to find a post about that. Is there one that I'm just not seeing? Thanks!

  9. Ohhhhh, I'll get there! Actually, I'm going to talk about it in another installment of "Fat Archaeology" this week. Thank you VERY much for the reminder, vita!