Thursday, December 22, 2011

30’s, Here I Come: Gained a year, and lost 90lbs.

This has been a big year.  It hasn’t been all roses, but the cumulative average of greatness this year is pretty darn high.  I set myself a goal on September 19th of losing 30 more pounds by the time I turned 30 on December 19th, which would bring me to a total of 90lbs lost since March. I’m delighted to tell you that I have, in fact, lost 93. 

A dream in size large.  I love this dress!
I really couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for my 30th birthday.  Apparently, even facebook advertising knew this and kept suggesting I go to Vegas with a bunch of poorly dressed women.  The only things I knew for certain were that I wanted an outfit that made me feel invincibly gorgeous, and to have fun.  And to DJ.

And that I did.

Thanksgiving weekend, my Mom and I stopped in to a boutique during Small Business Saturday and I saw a dress that was just so remarkable I had to try it on.  It was a “normal people” size large.  I really didn’t think it would, but for some reason it fit amazing.  It fit so amazingly that my Mom texted all of “the girls” to show them how neat I looked in the dress.  As much as I loved the dress, it was definitely out of my price range.  I’m not one to pine very much over things I can’t afford, so I decided to enjoy the fact that a gorgeous dress in a regular store had fit me like a dream.

Last week, my Aunt and Cousin came to visit, and some of the closest and most important ladies in my life and I went to dinner, then to see Irving Berlin’s White Christmas.  At dinner, my Mom handed me a lovely gift bag that was really reminiscent of “the” dress, and I thought it was really nice that she’d gotten a bag that reminded us of that dress. 


I moved the tissue paper to the side, had the most ridiculous, excited, America’s funniest home videos face, and there was the dress.  I cried.  I was honestly stunned.  They’d all chipped in and bought me the dress. 

Saturday was a lovely day.  I slept in, worked out, then was lucky enough to have my friend (and hairdresser) Erika style my hair.  I donned my gorgeous, new frock and headed out for dinner and music with a bunch of my favorite people.  I danced the night away at my favorite dance party, and even DJed for the first time in seven years – a shamefully long time.  It was a fantastic night, and I genuinely felt the most awesome I have in so long that I can’t remember.  I looked and felt fantastic.

T. Rex, Iggy Pop, Beatles, Jimi...  Happy Birthday to me.
A part of me dreaded turning 30.  In your 20’s, it’s so easy to think of all the ways you’ll have failed at life if you haven’t succeeded before they’re over.  I mean, life is practically over at 30.  So if you haven’t made something of yourself by then, you’re doomed.  Really.  Completely and utterly doomed.

I was sorely, wonderfully mistaken. 

My twenties were a time where I found my worth and my confidence in what I did, and when what I did wasn’t very cool anymore, I lost myself.  My 29th year was a time of preparation for what was to come.  While I may not have made a lot of tangible, visible, or measurable progress, my mind was going through a lot of things that gave way to the amazing changes this year brought.  I’ve been working on taking control of the things that I can and should control, and forcing myself to remember to have a little faith about the things that I just can’t control. 

I am in love.  Not with anyone or anything in particular, but with life and people and everything that could and will happen.  Things seem to really be coming together.  I keep having this feeling that something is just ‘round the corner, but I don’t know what.  Or why…  Or when, even.  I just know that I’m ready for it.

I have a feeling my 30’s are going to be mighty fine.

Owning 30.
Turning 28, dreading 29...

Turning 29, appalled at accomplishing so little at nearly 30...


  1. Holy Crap! I love the birthday photos! My god, who is this gorgeous 30-year-old? The question really is, who is that other girl in the other photos?!!! I don't even recognize you at that size!

  2. Ok I live in Grand Rapids and I just must have this dress...(by the way you look beautiful!) now where do I go to find this????

  3. Earthly Delights, downtown Kalamazoo! If they haven't got more, ask them the brand. I cut the tag out so you couldn't see it through the sheer top part, and now I can't find it to tell you! Argh! I'll find it...

    I know, Caity - it's really bizarre looking back at myself. I never saw myself that way, but wow - what a difference. haha.

  4. congrats! how did you lose the weight?

  5. Oh congratulations! It only gets better from here. It's so great that you're sharing your journey on this path.

  6. You are looking great!! Keep it up, and I will do what I can to get there again myself!

  7. Thanks, guys!

    Lovely Anonymous, I've done it by changing the way I eat and keeping active! I've started breaking down "how I do it" in my "this is how we do it" blog posts. I've talked about exercise, logging food, and next is all about what I eat. I couldn't fit it all into one blog - no way - so I'm breaking it down into segments.

    If there's ever anything I forget to mention or you guys are curious about, please point it out or ask so that I can hit that topic, too. I'm a bit like an excited puppy when I get going and can forget things sometimes!

  8. AMAZING! I as well put a goal on myself to loose 30 by 30. It was going to be a secret. I started an unpublished blog post about it, thinking that it would be a great surprise for everyone when I did it. It didn't happen. I had no one to help me stay accountable at all, so I never bothered telling anyone about it! Feel very proud that you got your goal, that is amazing! I am only 11lbs away from being 30 down in my 30th year, so that I will celebrate!