Saturday, June 9, 2012

Yo Gabba Gabba on wheat with avocado, please.

Apparently, my core instincts are about the same as they were when I was about 5.

Some dear friends of mine are getting married this evening, so I knew that today was going to be a great day.  It is, however, now even greater because it started off like this.

Only 288 calories!  (See my breakfast entry on

And then, this.

Judge me all you like.  I love Yo Gabba Gabba.  No, I don't have kids.  No, I'm not babysitting.  I am a full grown woman who just so happens to thoroughly enjoy parties in her tummy (so yummy, so yummy) with vegetables, Mark Mothersbaugh teaching me how to draw silly things, and appearances from the likes of Andy Samberg, Flaming Lips, Devo, MGMT, The Faint, Weezer, Biz Markee, and so very many more.  This show is awesome, and you bet your bum my kids will be subjected to it when I have them someday.  And they will dance!

Speaking of dancing, I am sure I will doing quite a bit of that later after two of my dearest friends get married this evening!  I hope your Saturday is as lovely as mine has been thus far!


  1. I also love Yo Gabba Gabba! (...almost as much as Scott does.) Avocado want to go to the party in my tummy?? Yes...always.

    1. Haha! It so doesn't surprise me that he likes it even more. Oh, Mags - I miss you!

  2. 42 seconds was all I could take.

    I refuse to put that show on, and I have two kids (2yrs and soon to be 1 yr)...Anyone who can watch this and ENJOY it has a super human strength.