Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hurts so good.

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Last weekend, my friend April came to visit the roomie and I, and she brought along an awesome workout video.  She also brought along 4 jars of Trader Joe's Better'N Peanut Butter - best $10 I've spent in a while!  The next best $14 I hope to spend, though, is on Ellen Barrett's Fat Burning Fusion dvd.

Everything about this video did it for me.  Even the way she spoke...  I'm weird - I don't like it when people talk all mellow and spacey.  Tell me what to do, inform me, guide me, and we're straight.  But anyway!  She incorporates classic ballet moves, pilates, and does it all without ever stopping moving.  It is a constant, fluid, concentrated effort on parts of your body that you won't even know you've worked out until you're wonderfully  sore for the next few days.  My hamstrings were feelin' it for about 4 days afterwards.

Why it worked for me:

  • It worked out core/side, hamstring, and other muscles that I've been trying to target really, really well.
  • It encourages balance with steady, constant, controlled movement that works your muscles and stretches out your body all at once.  
  • She instructs very, very well with little insights that really help you do the moves effectively.  It's the littlest things, sometimes, that will take an exercise from being done incorrectly and ineffectively, to taking your breath away in the best way.
  • It's accessible - there may be a couple of things out of some people's range of ability.  But aside from one or two things that I can think of, anyone could join in and get a good workout, whether you're already fit or just beginning.
  • It's easy on my joints.  I have knees that sound like a tricycle creaking slowly over a gravel path, and this was very manageable.

I need this video!  I've been craving doing it again ever since.  This has inspired yet another list...  I've started my Weight-Loss Bucket List, and now I'm going to start an Exercise Wishlist.  Spinning is next!  Anything on your wish list?  What exercise, videos, etc. work for you?  Suggest and share!  I'm always up for something new.

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  1. Yay Ellen Barrett! More people seriously need to know about her!

    Next time we all get together we'll have to do her workout that uses weights- it's great too!