Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just DO it!

It’s amazing the possibilities that arise when you decide to just DO things.  The more that we do, the more that we interact, and the more that we take advantage of the life we have by actually living (as horrifyingly clichéd as this may sound…), the possibilities really are endless. 

There are so many things that I want to do now that I’m physically able to do them again.  I want to ride roller coasters.  I want to go horseback riding without the worry I’m too heavy for the horse.  I’ve already done a cartwheel!  There are so many things that I’d like to do.  I’ve decided that tonight, I’m going to begin a weight-loss bucket list of things that I’d like to do or conquer.  After my cartwheel and my excursion Tuesday, I’m already two down!

Back in September, I started talking about how badly I wanted to go skiing this year.  And until yesterday, I had not!  Winter in Michigan has been a fickle beast this year…  I decided last week that if Tuesday was decent and the snow wasn’t gone, I was going.  I hadn’t gone in, probably…  10ish years.  I had to.  I probably wouldn’t get another chance.  My roommate and I sat down to have coffee before she headed off to work, and I started rambling off the things I wanted to get done for the day.  She stopped me mid-sentence and said, “SARAH!  GO DO IT!  GO!  RIGHT NOW!  You can clean and do whatever else you need to do later this week.  I will never hear the end of it if you don’t take advantage of this gorgeous day, which will VERY likely be the last decent day for any kind of winter sports this year…  GO!  DO IIIIIIT!” 

SO, I go’d.  I did it.  I went all by myself, and absolutely loved it.  I can’t even tell you how many times I went up and down the hills…  I was able to just glide right back onto the chair lift in this neverending cycle of ride up, ski down, ride up, ski down.  It was great.  I was ridiculous.  If there were cameras in mid-air that someone kept an eye on, they probably got a kick out of this chick sitting all by herself with the biggest grin, giggling out of pure glee and satisfaction.  I was so happy.

At first, I took the easy trail I knew that I could glide down to get my bearings.  Piece of cake.  So, I did that faster.  Piece of cake.  So, I did it faster.  Piece of cake.  Then it was onto the bigger front of the hill.  Done.  The steeper side…  Done.  Up to the top of the BIG hill down onto the steeper side of the other…   Done.  Onto the 2nd biggest…  Done!  It was great.  After a while, I decided that I was just going to stay until I couldn’t stand it anymore. 

My bum and the hill on the left became
fast friends.  I kept getting stuck
in the slush.  
Since I decided to stay, I went out to my car to eat a sandwich and refuel a bit and thought, “I’m cold. I should get some coffee.  Wait – I could get crappy coffee, or I could go get a BEER, which although cold, will also warm me up…  Why not get a beer?  Yes!  Just do it.  Sit in the lodge by yourself, in a table in the sun by the window, and just enjoy it.”  So, I did, and ran into a friend of mine who ended up joining me later for some skiing and fun conversation, and then introduced me to some lovely, new people.  I’m even going to see one of them in the next couple weeks to take her spinning class!  New exercise that’ll kick my bum?  Yes, please! 

Total.  Success.   It was a splendid, fulfilling, incredibly fun day.  And would any of this have happened if I’d gotten too busy and neglected to go?


Do it.  No – hush.  Don’t argue with me.  Just go do it.  You never know what might happen...

What are some of the things on your weight-loss bucket list, or just your bucket list in general?  Share!  
I might just have to copy you...

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Going up...
And about to ski down.

The bigger hill - piece of cake.
Happy & content.


  1. So wonderful! This happens to be one of my favorite quotes. I put it on a vision board that I looked at every day for about 6 months about traveling and getting to move to England. Here I am today - living in England. I'm so happy for you getting to have this kind of experience. You're so right - just go! Do! Life is too short. I'm 100% in agreement. Congratulations on such a fabulous day and for getting to tick off one more thing on your bucket list! My next bucket list item? Ride a bike again. lol. sounds easy doesn't it? We'll see!

    1. I'll get to the part where I'm still jealous you're still living in England another time... haha. But, yes, ma'am - life is too short! Riding a bike around town instead of my car is on my bucket list! I did it a little last year, but I was still shaky and am nervous about it. Let me know when it happens! Yay.

  2. 1. You are awesome. 2. Your blog is awesome. 3. I'm going to make a bucket list!

    1. 1. Thank you! So are you - I'm so very glad I've gotten to know you and your hubby. 2. Thank you again! I enjoy yours, too. 3. YAY! And... If our bucket lists should collide, I would be oh, so happy to join you.