Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hot diggity dog.

This is my family's dog Kylie.  She's pretty much wonderful in every way.

Except when I'm trying to work out...

As soon as she sees me in workout attire, she gets so excited it's ridiculous and knows that the likelihood of a W-A-L-K is significantly higher.  She'll swat at my legs until I give in.  Or, if I opt to do something like, ohhhhhh - I don't know...  Stretch, or do pilates, or something, she's instantly all up in your space and ready for a cuddle.  "Yes, Kylie, doing these pilates moves on my side just happens to be the ideal position for you to spoon with me, but this isn't working out so well..."  On the elliptical?  She'll sit there, stare at me, and occasionally swat my foot as it goes by.

This time?  Well, there you have it.


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  2. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  3. Lol! My kids are the same way! They think when I put on tennis shoes we're going to the park - lol.

  4. LoL that's fabulous. This is exactly what happens when I work out around my kids.It's really awesome when you're in a full on push up position and a 30 lb kid climbs on your back. They think its funny as all get out to watch mommy squeal and fall on her face.