Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mystery Workout Gadgetry

A while back, I decided to start trying random things around the gym for which I absolutely could not tell their intended purpose.

After a bit of awkward staring at people while they used the mystery gadgetry to try and scope out what it is they did with said enigmas, I've tried a few out.  My favorite so far?

I use this...                                         to do this...                                    while holding this against my chest.

I feel pretty fierce every time I do it.  I do 3 sets of 15, 3 ways - first to the center, then turned to the right, then turned to the left, totaling 90 reps.  If need be, I sometimes I take a break and put the weight down for a set.  It works my back, bum, calves, back of my thighs, and my obliques remarkably well.  It always leaves me satisfyingly sore the next day.

My challenge for this evening: to conquer that again, as well as to plank for 3 minutes.  But, instead of my usual routine which consists of 1 minute of planking then 30 seconds of rest repeated thrice, I'm going to do do 1 minute 30 seconds with 45 seconds of rest twice.

Any new, interesting things that  you all have tried lately?  

My week of getting back on track is a success so far!  Granted, I'm only 1.5 days into it, but it's going well nonetheless.  

I hope your week is going well, too!  


  1. This is one of my favourite work out!

  2. Funny enough, Ive seen that machine before but never anyone ever using it. I thought it was a medieval torture device.


    1. Haha. It does its job well! You should try it. If, somehow, you wind up having an experience even remotely similar to that of a torture device, however, perhaps have someone help you with it. Just perhaps.

  3. In my three months of hitting the gym, I’ve never actually understood the use of this machine. If not for your post I would not have known that this machine served some purpose.

  4. Tried this and it is great. S much information on the internet nowadays thanks :0