Friday, May 18, 2012

Restart - Take 2

I just got hit by a rogue shell.
Fire power gone...
No worries!  There's a box with a question mark.
It better not be a coin...  I need a "big."  Right.  Now.
NO.  No.
Okay...  I can be little Mario and try to finish the level, orrrrrr...

Annnnnd I'm dead.

Meh.  Restart...

If only starting over were as simple as smacking a button on the top of my brother's Super Nintendo system...  So many times I'd get to a point where I'd try the same level over and over, and in a fit of frustration, "SMACK!!!!!"  Reset.  Do over.  Restart.  "Stupid moving pipey things with fireballs coming at me and a wizard that just keeps appearing...  OVER IT."

I said I'd start over in my last blog.  I did, for a couple days.  Then blew it...  Then I did again for a couple of days!  And then I blew it for a few days...  I'm not sure what my problem is, but I am all out of sorts lately!  It seems like every few months, I've got to sit down and hash out a game plan.  Get organized.  Get back on a schedule.  Plan out my eating.  Clean my abyss of a bedroom.  Oh, Lordy - here we go...

Step 1 
Pre-planning my food again as usual.  As I mentioned before, a key to my progress has been making sure that I have good food available to me, things that are quick and easy to grab, and often planning out what I'm going to eat for the whole day either that morning, or the night before.  I haven't been buying groceries as thoughtfully as I used to. I've got to be honest with myself.  For whatever reason lately, I've had a very difficult time sticking to my guns and I have to make sure there is nothing in my cupboard that will allow me to splurge thoughtlessly.  Usually, I've got it down. I've got control.  I don't have as much control lately, and I've got to keep things away from me that will tempt me to do the wrong thing.  It's about to get real.

Step 2
The bedroom!  They say messy house messy mind, yeah? This is true.  I'm a bit of a discombobulated thingamabob right now trying to sort out quite a few aspects of life. When I get frazzled, I let my room get uber-frazzled.  It is time for a top-to-bottom clean of my room, and a purging of the wardrobe.  Anything that doesn't fit must go.  What will I do with all of those clothes?  I will have a garage sale at my parents' - date TBD.  I've got a lot of great stuff in very gently/never used condition.  I'll keep you all posted.

Step 3
I love flying by the seat of my pants.  But, I've got to have structure.  I need to get to bed earlier, get up early and work out, and make the most of my day.  Structure may seem restrictive, but oh no, no, no, it is not.  Structure allows you to get done what must be done in a timely fashion so you can do more with the time you have left over.  I spend too much time trying to figure out what I'm going to do and how, easily distracted by - well, I'm easily distracted period, and end up spending too much time on random minutiae instead of just getting to it.  I'm a list-maker extraordinaire.  I will tackle lists like nobody's business, but if it doesn't make the list...  Bad news, bears.  I've got to give myself guidelines, timelines, lists, and things of the like or else it all goes to pot.  I'm better at this at work than I am with my personal responsibilities, and this is a change of the most critically imperative nature.

Now, if only I had a Yoshi I could ride around - everything would be sorted.  How? I don't know, but I've always wanted to ride a dinosaur with a shell on its back that can reach things from long distances with its tongue.  Haven't you?!


  1. Oh Sarah... this has happened to me a few times over the course of my journey. When things go awry it can be so easy to fall back on old habits! I think it happens to everyone who is trying to lose weight and/or keep off weight that they lost! The most important thing is to figure out what your triggers are which it sounds like you have. I know for me, stress is the biggie. This week has been killer at work, I'm talking 10 hour back to back days, and it makes me have fierce cravings. My problem isn't even eating off-plan, it's over-eating things that are! Curbing my over-eating habits is going to be the biggest challenge for me but I know that it will take time and that's Ok. We'll have to talk about this some more when I'm in town next week :-)

  2. Hi Sarah!
    I ran across your blog from pinterest, and it was honestly so funny because I had this weird twilight zone feeling for a few minutes that I had created a blog that I had just forgotten about. I'm a Sarah, too, a brunette, rather curvy, smaller than a previous me, about the same age, and have had almost identical conversations with myself, particularly after losing some weight and finding myself with a total identity crisis. It was almost startling to see the similarity in your journey, and reading some of your earlier posts brought tears to my eyes with memories of my own path.

    I had to comment because now I'm once again in the same boat, having fallen off the wagon slightly due to stress, moving, generally spring fever, etc., etc.... and I'm having a hell of a time remembering how far I've come because some days in my silly head the 5 pounds I might have gained back feel like the whole 70 I lost just stuck itself back on my body so I might as well give up.

    I just wanted to tell you it makes me feel so good to see that I'm not alone (or crazy) in dealing with these types of things,and to encourage you to keep at it, you seem like an amazing person! No matter how much a gal loses, no one will understand the things she's dealt with and will always deal with except another woman who has gone through the same thing, and that makes it a lonely path at times. Your blog is a gift, for that reason! It really is a comfort and an encouragement. Good luck!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I agree that everyone who is trying to lose weight feels this way at some point. It sounds like you already know the problem and have the solutions. Now you just need to implement the solutions. Don't be too hard on yourself. We all fall, after all we are human. The most important thing is to get up, keep going, keep pushing, keep learning from those mistakes and take it one day at a time only.

  4. Just found your blog. It looks very inspirational! Btw, Yoshi is my favorite. ;)
    If you would like to link-up at my Healthy Tuesday post, I would love to have you!