Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Victories

I now understand why laptops got their name.  You can use them on... your... lap.  Remarkable!  

Whatever, No-hands Smug-face...
I can do it now, too.
After my weekly workout date with my dear friend, Lindsey, I wanted to look something up, so I grabbed my laptop, set it on my lap, and googled, or imdb-ed, or whatever-ed away.  I remember being elated a few months ago after realizing I could finally use my laptop on my lap.  When I mentioned this to her, she said, "Hmm, I never would've though of that..."  If you find yourself puzzled by this also, well, let me explain it simply for you: my tummy wanted my lap all to itself and wouldn't allow me to use laptops in their intended state.  I'd either use it at a table, or with some creative rigging to use it in the general lap-type area.  Come to think of it, there are a lot of creative/rigging type things I've done in the past due to my body interfering...

But now?  Ha!  Laptop!

I bet this means the next time I fly I won't have to try and make it appear as though the tray in front of me is comfortably in its resting position when it is, in fact, actually balancing on my belly...

I can not wait until I finally get to test that one out.  


  1. Another great blog post LAPtop! Love it!! Keep them coming, you're doing brilliantly :-) x

  2. hahaha!!amazing!!
    i wishh i had you as my workout partner!working out alone can be a chore sometimes!

  3. well pregnancy is another way you lose your lap, so I totally understand. Abbey and Scarlett both served as resting spots for bowls, and laptops, lol! great blogging again. Keep up the great work. I had over 700 hits, keep blogging! KS

  4. Thanks, guys! Haha, Krissy - one perk of the baby bump, eh? And Debi - find stuff you like to do! Dance your pants off in your room, go for a walk, and if you've got a friend to do it with, sweet. It was a actually a challenge for me to work out with other people, but I've enjoyed it, for sure!